Cooking on a Stick

As bizzar as it sounds, there are a variety of different sticks available for cooking on.

  1. You can collect sticks from the local area, strip the bark and sharpen to a point. Please visit your pages on safe tool use before creating your own (Click here).
  2. You can purchase bamboo, wooden and metal with wooden handle kebab sticks from shops, all which can be used for a quick cooking alternative. Bamboo and wooden sticks are for single use on a fire and can be placed on the fire once cooking has finished. 
  3. There are also a variety of sticks specifically designed for cooking on a fire. These vary in design. Some offer a telescopic option, which can be useful whilst cooking by the fire.

Below you will see some examples of the different sticks:

A Stick is a very simple cooking tool, however there is a variety of simple and fun foods that can be prepared using them. (Click on the recipes for a printable version).