Cooking on an Open Fire

When cooking anywhere you have to carefully consider food hygiene, this has to be especially considered when cooking outdoors and working with clients. The basics are you need to be prepared before you set off to ensure you can provide a reasonable level of hygiene around the fire place. Following the link below to learn more about campfire hygiene.

When preparing/cooking food and cleaning up afterwards it is also important to think carefully about waste disposal and storage. Below you will find a waste disposal policy that provides general guidance for general rubbish, food waste and washing water(grey water).

When cooking on a fire there are a huge amount of specially designed equipment to allow you to cook a wide variety of items. However, sometimes you can make some fantastically tasty items using very simple methods. Below you will find a variety of different suggested cooking methods, following the links to learn about some simple items you can cook using them.


My own attempts at cooking: