Flora and Fauna – Preservation and Conservation


The conservation of Flora and Fauna is considered one of the most pressing environmental concerns today. The identification of Flora and Fauna forms an essential part of this process to ensure it can be preserved and protected. There are many reasons given for the conservation of Flora and Fauna, some are shared below.

Biodiversity – Food chains and food webs show how reliant plants and animals are on each other. Biodiversity is important, as a loss at one point in a food chain or food web can lead to other plants and animals loosing their food source, leading their population being affected. The loss of an animal that isn’t especially important economically or culturally could unexpectedly affect a type of animal that is, so widespread wildlife conservation is a general preventative measure for unforeseen problems.

Research – We learn about medicines from plants and animals, and we need them for many of the medicines we use. We can also study how animals and plants survive in different climates and conditions and learn from them.

Warning Signs – Sometimes we don’t know there is a problem until something happens to animals and plants and we ask why. For example, we now know that if frogs and turtles are in trouble, we probably have a problem with our water supply.

For the Future – We want our children and grandchildren to be able to see and enjoy what we have seen. Many endangered animals are beautiful to look at. Trees and plants make our lives better with their shade and colours. We enjoy visiting parks and woodland and seeing the animals and plants there. We want our children and grandchildren to enjoy them too.