Unit 3 – Learning and Development at a Forest School Programme

1 – Understand relevant theories of learning and development and their application to a Forest School programme.

1.1 – Summarise 2 recognised learning theories and explain their relevance to a Forest School programme

1.2 – Explain how learning theory has been applied to own Forest School programme

2 – Understand how a Forest School programme can support holistic development and learning.

2.1 – Summarise the Forest School approach to learning

2.2 – Outline the concept of holistic development

2.3 – Explain how holistic development is facilitated through Forest School

2.4 – Explain how Forest School promotes self-esteem and emotional intelligence

2.5 – Explain ways in which Forest School fosters resilient, confident, independent and creative learners

2.6 – Explain how a Forest School promotes appropriate risk taking and how this impacts on learning and development

2.7 – Evaluate the key principles of play and their relevance to Forest School

2.8 – Explain how learning and development through play has been implemented during own Forest School sessions

3 – Understand the impact of behaviour on learning and development of a Forest School programme

3.1 – Summarise factors affecting the behaviour of Forest School learners

3.2 – Explain how learners behaviour could impact on own and others learning and development

3.3 – Evaluate methods of encouraging behaviour that is appropriate at Forest School

4 – Be able to reflect on own Forest School training

4.1 – Explain the role of the Forest School programme leader in promoting learning and development

4.2 – Summarise own personal development and learning during the Forest School training process and explain how this may inform own wider practice.